Delicious food

Why travel to India, when you can discover this wonderful country here in Antwerp, at least the culinary side of it. Every meal is prepared with the greatest care. Urvashi has one speciality: everything!

Take away

If you can't make it to the restaurant or don't have the time to come over, but you really want to eat the naan, meat, shrimp, vegetarian or other dishes, you can always call us for take-out. On take-out orders you get a 10% discount. For delivery, we'll have options soon

Catering ?

Our specialities are everything, so why don't try everything? Order a Thali! 1 menu with an aperitif: Mango Lassi, a starter: Vegetarian Pakora mix and you can choose 3 variaties of main courses: vegetarian, meat/fish or mixed Thali. (5 dishes) After this you get ice cream and coffee. (€60 for 2p)